Maliyo Games set to launch a 3D mobile game this October

Some years back in Africa, caves were creepy, forests were forbidden and every tribe, village and community had severe laws that were placed in high esteem by its occupants to ward off strange beings, things and thoughts…

…there was magic and fables about magic and or its powers

…there were supernatural beliefs and deities were worshiped

…there were places regarded as the habitats for spirits, ghosts and wandering gods.

Indeed there was an Africa with a glory so feared by her colleagues!

2016 years after, in an Africa that has changed rapidly and the histories of the past have been turned to folktales, communities have been merged to form countries and the African people have been immersed into growing world trends…

…three young friends on a journey of discovering more about their ancestral home; DANJUMA, GBENGA, and CHINEDU; decided to embark on a journey to bring back a people’s history…


In their quest for enlightenment, these three youths discovered a path that does showcase some of the fearful things that really existed and might give them an insight into what went wrong with Africa…

But there’s a problem…

they need one person to help rewrite this history…they need YOU!

This October, anticipate Aboki Run, a 3D endless runner game designed for mobile devices by Maliyo Games, a Nigerian game development company.

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The Typical Lagos Driver.

driving in lagos

If you live in Lagos or have ever been here, you would understand what I’m talking about. There’s this saying, “If you can drive in Lagos, you can drive anywhere in the world”. This statement is both true and false.

If you’re a good driver in Lagos, you can probably drive anywhere else because I’m not sure any other city can beat the recklessness of Lagos drivers. On the other hand, if you’re not a good driver, you’d be arrested before you drive a kilometer in other parts of the world.

Wondering what it is exactly that makes driving in Lagos a nightmare? I’ll share some of the things I’ve noticed about the typical Lagos driver:

He doesn’t use his mirrors. Have you ever driven past someone with closed side mirrors on the highway? I always wonder how people can be comfortable driving on whatever speed without seeing their sides or backs. The ones that have open mirrors seldom use it. I was in a commercial bus recently and the driver was complaining about how he wanted to change his lane and the conductor wasn’t checking for him. He had side mirrors (which is a rarity among commercial drivers) and still couldn’t use them.

He doesn’t stay on his lane. This one is actually very annoying. There are two types of lanes: the clearly demarcated ones or the plain ones. As a good driver, when driving on unmarked roads, you should mentally divide the width of the road into two and stay on your half of it. Lagos drivers, on the other hand, stay in the middle of clearly marked lanes and look at you like you’re crazy when you flash or honk for them to move out of the way.

He insults others when he’s wrong. Have you ever stopped at a traffic light and had the driver behind you honk and hurl insults at you, telling you to go because there’s no traffic official? When you ignore him and he eventually overtakes you, he’ll tell you to sleep there. (What is this life? I’m just being a law abiding citizen).

He can’t take a bend while keeping to his lane. From experience, this is like asking for too much. He can’t stay on his straight lane, and you expect him to stay on a winding one?! Watch out for this at the Yaba exit on 3rd Mainland Bridge (coming from the island), the bend between the Lekki toll gate and Lekki roundabout.

He doesn’t know how to navigate merging lanes. If you want to have a good laugh, watch people join the Adeniji Adele road from Osborne; or the merging of 3 lanes to 2 near the 2nd  Avenue exit on Osborne. What usually happens is, some people make extra lanes and somehow push the real lanes out. Many accidents happen here because people hit others in a bid to avoid some others and ‘fight’ for their lanes.

He doesn’t know how to set his mirrors. If your mirrors are properly set, you should see both sides of your car and the next lane, you should see your back using your rear-view mirror (not see the roof of your car or your back speakers). Setting your mirrors well minimizes the blind spots so it’d be hard for you to unexpectedly run into another car while changing lanes. You’d be able to see how close a car is to yours.

He doesn’t know how to park. This has to be the most hilarious. Have you seen slanted cars with closed mirrors and no drivers? Whoever got them there was able to convince himself that he has parked well. As a driver, you should know when your steering wheel is straight (reflected on your front tyres) and how to efficiently do a reverse-park.

Tip: When your side mirrors are well set and you’re trying to change lanes, if you can see the front of the car behind you on the lane you’re trying to enter, then you have enough space. That said, you need to be able to determine the speed at which a car is coming – in relation to the length of your car and your speed – to know if you have enough time. You need time and space to change lanes without causing accidents.

So, what’s the solution to all these? I believe it goes back to the FRSC. Licences should not be issued to anyone who can afford it. The pre-licence driving test is mostly on paper in Nigeria and it shouldn’t be. How many people do you know that have been rejected because they failed their tests? Almost none? Well, me too!

Driving tests should be more than knowing what road signs mean (that’s very important too), people should be tested on mirror setting, lane changing, indicating before turning and changing lanes, use of lights and horns etc.

Are there other things you’ve noticed that Lagos drivers don’t do? Please, share in the comment section.

In summary, driving is calculation. If you don’t understand this, then you probably shouldn’t be driving.


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(Paradox of) the Law of Attraction.

Earlier in the year, I joined TheReadClub; it’s a book club on Twitter. The way it works is, there’s a book to be read every week and a discussion on the said book on Fridays.

This week’s book is Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander. The author is someone who was in a coma for about seven days, during which he experienced heaven and a supreme being.

He made a statement: “If I wanted to experience the beautiful landscape, all I had to do was think about it and I’ll see myself floating in the beautiful light”. (Paraphrase)

attraction                               attraction.jpg2

This statement caught my attention. It occurred to me that the saying that if you want something absolutely, you will attract it to yourself may be very true. I also thought about the fact that people don’t always get what they want, and not necessarily because they don’t want it enough or aren’t passionate about it.

As I was reading something else this morning, I came across something equally interesting: “Paradox of the law of attraction. The more you want it, the more you push it away”.

Okay, slow down. Digest the information. The two schools of thought are obviously worlds apart and can totally change our approach to things. Whichever one we opt for has massive implications on how we see the world and everything in it, including human relationships.

Which of the two is your philosophy for approaching your goals and aspirations? Have you tried any? Did it work? I’ll love to hear from you, please share your experience(s).


One Picture, Many Words…

So… this Monday morning, I was surfing the web and stumbled on an app/website that translates images into words. My first thought was, “Yay! Memes made easy” (LOL). But it’s way doper than that. Like, every single feature in the image is analyzed and given meaning (as it were).

I posted this picture below and yes, the epistle under the picture is the app’s interpretation. So maybe sometimes when you feel sad or unhappy, just take one of your favourite pictures and read someone else’s interpretation of the scenario. It might lift your spirit!


Then, a woman, a reflection, and a one. Otherwise the woman appertains to a mankind. The reflection is made from the ability to reflect beams or rays, and the one has a backpack to carry book in. To this end, the woman remains an adult female human. So far, it may present her husband. To rephrase, it is a book. Also, it may clear her mind with meditation.

Almost, a landscape and a dark: the landscape is made from a garden layering out for esthetic effect, and the dark is made from an unenlightened state. Here, the dark may produce anxiety. Immediately, it is an absence of light or illumination. Afterwards, it is not a lite. Of course, it evokes light. But the landscape evokes hill grass. For instance, it is known to some as благоустро́йство и озелене́ние. Similarly, it remains a practice of place tree shrub and grass on piece of property. Once, it evokes seascape.

Or a painting, which appertains to the commercial activity involved in repairing old structures or constructing new ones. After all, it is for covering up old paint. In brief, it causes a making beautiful picture. Yet, it dreams of nicely paint house. Therefore, it is a putting a coat on. Beyond, it is for protecting home.

Frequently, a color, a fog, and a north america. Subsequently, the color may change person mood. The fog is also known as a mist, and the north america evokes continent. Hence, the color has a wave length. Of course, it is also known as a blush. To rephrase, it is an act that changes the light that something reflecting. As an illustration, it evokes red.

Following, a wall and a sun: the wall appertains to an interior passage or corridor onto which rooms open, and the sun belongs to the sun with the celestial bodies that revolving around it in its gravitational field. Also, the sun is made from the rays of the sun. On the other hand, it may dry almost everything. Yet, it is for generating cost effective electricity. To explain, it remains a near star. Accordingly, the wall evokes pegasus. In addition, it evokes defend. In fact, it is known to some as mir. Here, it is a part of build.

Nevertheless, an urban, which may get more crowd every year. Soon, it is known to some as urpo. In summary, it is made from the quality or character of life in a city or town. Further, it evokes urbane. To rephrase, it evokes environment. To that end, it evokes lifestyle.

In other words, a window, a stairs, and a museum. Almost, the window remains a glass that being stick to window frame. The stairs may seat many person, and the museum evokes museography. Afterwards, the window resulted from a microsoft. Of course, it evokes four corner. To rephrase, it evokes glass door. Earlier, it evokes house portal.

Later, a city and a light: the city has a lot of person in them, and the light is also known as a kindling. Next, the light may brown out. By the same token, it is a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or firing. For example, it is not an absence of light or illumination. Specifically, it is an often. Meanwhile, the city is for business. There, it has a more’culture such as theatre and university. Without doubt, it is a place. Furthermore, it is connect by road or highway.

On the contrary, a people, which evokes individual. Hence, it may ride on back of horse. To sum up, it yearns for admiration. In similar fashion, it yearns for being value. Next, it yearns for knowing truth. To this end, it yearns for play with ball.

Thus, an art and a street: the art requires a time creativity, and the street appertains to an infrastructure. At length, the street has a name. Although it is the part of a thoroughfare between the sidewalks. In short, it is a thoroughfare that being lined with buildings. Of course, it evokes road avenue. And yet, the art evokes creative work. To demonstrate: it evokes creative expression. In sum, it evokes rat. There, it evokes hobby.

On Friendship


Warning: This is a rant.

Late last year, I started realizing that a lot of us do not understand what it means to be friends or to love (this one is story for another post). “Us” includes me because I’m also work in progress.
The realization that people want what they can’t give or won’t give was very annoying to say the very least. So, as part of my goals this year, I decided to not force friendships. If we are friends, no one person should constantly make all the efforts of being a friend.
I’ve had people call me up to “fight” over me not calling, texting or coming to visit them. I have learnt to be quiet in that regard because majority of these set of people do not do what they accuse me of.
Anyways, I try to help people with whatever is within my abilities but I can count on one hand, those who will do same for me.


This past Sunday, someone got me so upset. I haven’t been that way in a long, long time! In the very short minutes it took me to walk away from the “scene” and to the nearest bus stop, I kept thinking about what this person has ever gone out of his way to do for me. My conclusion: next-to-nothing!
That means whatever the person has ever done for me cost him nothing. And because he doesn’t want to stress himself or go out of his way, some things that can be sorted in a matter of hours drag into weeks until I eventually find another way myself.
The very irritating part of this is that the one in question usually needs help with one thing or another; an opinion on something, whatever.
That smells like selfishness to me. It’s occurred to me sometimes that this could be the case but I always found a way to justify the situation after an apology or so. This time, though, I had had enough.
I felt like bringing out my list of goals and drawing his face along with seven asterisks in red ink on the friendship line but I chilled on that, thankfully.


I just think it’s not nice to expect what you’re not willing to give the other party, especially if you both have given yourselves the “friend” title. And some of us bully our friends into doing stuff they don’t want to…another no-no!
I encourage us to do something for a friend this week, not because it does not cost us anything but because the friendship is worth it. For those of us that fall into the not-so-good zone, let’s take a step back, examine our friendships and make amends.
Because you cannot live your life alone, you must learn how to help. Someday, it will be your turn.

100 Truths About Me.

Hi guys! It’s been a long while! How have you been? Well, I recently stumbled on this old post on Facebook (thanks to timehop) and I decided to update and post here.

Hopefully, I won’t bore you before you’re done reading because my life has been very triangular in recent times.

1. Last drink? Fanta.
2. Last phone call? My mum.
3. Last text message? My sister.
4. Last song you listened to? I Love You – Tye Tribbett.
5. Last time you cried? I don’t remember.
6. Dated someone twice? Yes.
7. Been cheated on? Yes.
8. Kissed someone? Yes.
9. Lost someone special? Yes.
10. Been depressed? No. Unhappy, yes.
11. Been drunk and threw up? No. I’m a responsible somebody.

12. Black.
13. Red.
14. White.
15. Maroon.

16. Made new friends ? Yes!
17. Fallen out of love? Yes. Is it still love if it’s easy to fall out of?
18. Laughed until you cried? Yes.
19. Met someone who changed you? Recently? No.
20. Found out who your true friends were? Painfully, yes. The process is still on.
21. Found out someone was talking about you? Yes.
22. Kissed anyone on your friend’s list? Yes.
23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life? 90%
25. Do you have any pets? Nope.
26. Do you want to change your name? Not anymore.
27. What did you do for your last birthday? Church, sleep, pizza, ice cream, bants.
28. What time did you wake up today? Around 6 A.M.
29. What were you doing at midnight last night? Sleeping.
30. Name something you CANNOT wait for? My brand new Nissan Juke!!!
31. Last time you saw your father? December.
32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life? Losing interest in stuff easily…it’s really bad! (Sadly, I didn’t have to touch this response).
33. What are you listening to right now? Nothing.
34. Have you ever talked to a person named Tom? Nope
35. What’s getting on your nerves right now? Hunger.
36. Most visited webpage? Google.
37. What’s your name? Adekemisola.
38. Nicknames? Patera
39. Relationship Status? “Singlet” (LMAO!)
40. Zodiac Sign? Capricorn
41. Male or female or transgendered? Female
42. Primary school? Victory Nur/Pry School, Akure.
43. Middle School ? Kilonjebe?
44. High school ? FGGC, Akure
45. Hair color ? Honey blonde.
46. Long/medium/short? Short
47. Height ? 172CM.
48. Do you have a crush on someone? In my recent past.
49: What do you like about yourself? Very many things!
50. Piercings ? Ears.
51. Tattoos ? None.
52. Righty or lefty ? Righty.

53. First surgery ? None.
54. First piercing ? As a baby.
55. First best friend? Zainab Yusuf.
56. First sport you joined ? Can’t remember…is march past a sport?
57. First pet? Dog.
58. First vacation? Don’t remember.
59. First concert? Dont remember.
60. First crush? Hehehe! NVM.

61. Eating..No.
62. Drinking…No.
63. Already missing? Aisha.
64. I’m about to? Keep working.
65. Listening to? Nothing.
66. Thinking about? How people misuse potentially great opportunities.
67. Waiting for? Food.

68. Want kids? ? Course yes.
69. Want to get married? Yes (Still thinking).
70. Careers in mind? PRAD.

71. Lips or eyes? Lips!
72. Hugs or kisses? Kisses.
73. Shorter or taller? Taller.
74. Older or Younger? Preferably not younger.
75. Romantic or spontaneous? Both.
76. Nice stomach or nice arms ? Nice stomach.
77. Sensitive or loud? Sensitive.
78. Hook-up or relationship ? Relationship.
79. Trouble maker or hesitant? Both..but should be moderate.

81. Drank hard liquor? Yes.
82. Lost glasses/contacts? No.
83. Kissed on 1st date – Yes.
84. Broken someone’s heart? Maybe.
85. Had your own heartbroken? LOL! Yeah.
86. Been arrested? No.
87. Turned someone down? Yes.
88. Cried when someone died? Yes.
89. Liked a friend that of the same sex? Yes…’like’ right?

90. Yourself? Yes.
91. Miracles? Yes.
92. Love at first sight? Not really.
93. Heaven? Trust me, I do.
94. Santa Claus? No.
95. Kiss on the first date? Hmmm, it depends.
96. Angels? Yes.

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? Yes!!!!!!!!
98. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? No.
99. Wish you could change things in your past?? Yes. Like, un-meet some folks.
100. Are you posting this as 100 Truths? Yes.

Day 3: Dekemisola

This is my write-up for OlaToxic’s 30 Days of Hope. Enjoy!

nostalgic words of future me

My name is Adekemisola and the only thing you’re not permitted to call me is “Kemi”, feel free to have your pick of other remixes.

Let’s go straight to the point. In 2014, I didn’t have any clear list of goals to achieve (actually, I never have) but I had some vague things to do in my mind.
I wanted another job, I got in a very interesting manner. Lesson: be careful what you confess about yourself.
It’s 2015. I’m 28 today and I have a few things to achieve this year. Let’s start with the seemingly unserious ones.
First, I will eat more and be a minimum of 65KG by 31st December 2015. Okay,let me explain. Anyone that knows me probably knows that I’ve been the same since secondary school! Don’t get me wrong, I love how I look. I love that I can wake up at 2AM, eat…

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